About TropicalBytes

Welcome to TropicalBytes.

TropicalBytes was born from the union between SugarBytes and Diversification. SugarBytes began by celebrating success in sugar cane farming and profiling the key elements behind that success to the greater industry. Challenges in that industry lead to broad-based diversification. TropicalBytes is a result of keeping pace with change and industry needs.

TropicalBytes follows the same winning recipe, in a larger market. It is a simply written, easy to read, digital newsletter profiling a person or a topic that has the potential to enlighten, enhance and empower those working the soil in a subtropical climate.

Currently, in 2019, macadamia farming is in the spotlight but we will be covering a broad range of crops suitable to this environment.

Every fortnight, a new article is published and posted to the website. All macadamia farmers and most commercial sugarcane farmers receive a link to the article per email and/or their industry App.  That’s about 1500 sugar-related growers and industry players and about 700 macadamia farmers, who receive the article links via SAMAC.

Who reads TropicalBytes?

Anyone who wants to really, as the site is open to the public. To make it easier for those directly involved, an email with a link to the latest article is sent to farmers via  various industry administrative bodies.

How often are new articles published?

Every fortnight. Have a look at what’s previously published under the LATEST ARTICLES tab.

Feel free to contact me anytime should you have any questions.


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