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TropicalBytes was born from the union between SugarBytes + Diversification. SugarBytes began by celebrating success in sugar cane farming and profiling the key elements behind that success to the greater industry. Challenges in that industry lead to broad-based diversification and TropicalBytes is a result of keeping pace with change and industry needs.

TropicalBytes follows the same winning recipe, in a larger market. It is now home to two awesome initiatives; one is our long-format articles (affectionately known as JAFF* stories) profiling a person or a topic that has the potential to enlighten, enhance and empower, the other is the weekly QUIPS newsletters which are simply written, easy to read, value-packed snippets. (Currently on pause) Both are created to equip those working the soil in a subtropical climate for excellence and success by sharing knowledge and expertise.

Currently, avocado farming is in the spotlight. We spent 3 years exploring macadamias (and there are almost 50 articles, covering this crop, in the JAFF Stories library) and we will go on to cover a broad range of crops suitable to this subtropical environment.

Every month, a new article is published and posted to the website. Avocado, macadamia farmers and most commercial sugarcane farmers receive a link to every release via email or social media platforms.  To add impetus to the claim that farmers are soaking up these articles, the bounce rate is less than 1%.

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Quick facts about TropicalBytes:

  • Every edition is a single article – holistic but quick, clear and easy to read.
  • It is unbiased, independent platform that farmers trust.
  • All articles are always available on the website.
  • Top farmers* tell us exactly what they do to make their operation successful including advice on what’s worked … and what hasn’t. (* we don’t interview ‘just anyone’)
  • Additional research and supplementary information fleshes out each story, adding value and relevance.
  • There is only one “JAFF story” per month – farmers are not overwhelmed but, rather, always excited to get into the latest edition.
  • Advertising is the best value for money in this market.
  • Association-value boosts your Brand – this platform exists primarily to support the farmers in achieving excellence and success. If your Brand stands for that, let the farmers know by supporting this platform.
  • Established and respected – TropicalBytes is 8 years old this year!
  • The articles are emailed directly to almost 500 subscribers.

*JAFF is an acronym for Just Another Fantastic Farmer.

Feel free to contact us anytime should you have any questions.

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