SugarBytes became TropicalBytes in June 2019 and is now bringing you articles on a range of crops sustainable in our climate, starting with Macadamias.


Advertising in TropicalBytes works! I know this because I get constant feedback from farmers about how much they enjoy reading the articles and implementing the advice – even if they don’t learn anything from a particular article, they thoroughly enjoy breaking the isolation that often comes with farming and hearing about what’s happening in the industry. It’ll be the hottest topic at the next braai so they have to keep up to date by reading the latest TropicalBytes articles.

Here are two of the latest endorsements, both received in Jan 2020:

“Just wanted to say thanks for the links to your magazine. I think it is quickly becoming the best Agric publication available. I really look forward to reading your articles. Do you have an archive online to read from Issue 1 again?” – One of the VERY best and most respected top farmers in the country, based in Amatikulu.

“Wow, your January 2020 edition is amazing. You have covered the cultivars in depth. I have shared the TropicalBytes website with others in the macadamia industry. There is so much still to learn and to share any knowledge we have with the other growers.Well done on a wonderful incentive!!!” – Entomology expert, Nelspruit.

There will only be 12 articles in 2020. And there will no more than 12 advertisers in any one edition.

Option Commitment Package Cost Material required
Annual Package 12-month commitment. Advert in all 12 editions published annually. 11 months block advert PLUS one month banner advert (Exclusivity – only one banner advert per edition) R3449 per month for 11 months (block adverts)  PLUS R9995 in Sponsor (banner advert) month Block advert PLUS Banner advert
Six advert package Six adverts within a 12 month period Six block adverts R4199 per advert booked Block advert
Once-off placement One advert One advert R4449 per advert booked Block advert
NB: All adverts are linked to website/page of your choice. Please provide pdf file or Website address for this link.
Material specifications:

·         Block adverts: 256 pixel x 355 pixel portrait jpeg or gif file

·         Banner adverts: 1000 pixel x 400 pixel landscape plus link as per block advert.

January Varieties Published 20 Jan
February Jaff 8 Published 17 February
March Overview & History Published 20 March
April Water Management To be published 16 April
May Training (Pruning) To be published 18 May
June In The Beginning (Nurseries) To be published 17 June
July Soil To be published 14 July
August Nutrition To be published 17 August Banner advert spot booked
September Pests To be published 14 September Banner advert spot booked
October Jaff 9 To be published 12 October
November Jaff 10 To be published 9 November
December Beyond our borders To be published 7 December

All articles will be well-researched and full of rich information from a diversity of sources. The aim: to deliver quality content that fulfills our purpose of  Equipping farmers for excellence and success by sharing knowledge and expertise. The advances in the industry are happening, not only on the farms, at a grass-roots level, but also on a more complex and strategic level, in the industry at large. We will expose the farmers to that, in a non-threatening, comprehensive way.

Please contact Debbie to book or address questions and queries –

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