Why would you use TropicalBytes to platform your message to subtrop farmers? • Highly niche market of readers • Excellent brand association • Inexpensive and cost effective rates • Endless exposure


Advertising in TropicalBytes works! I know this because I get constant feedback from farmers about how much they enjoy reading the articles and implementing the advice – even if they don’t learn anything from a particular article, they thoroughly enjoy breaking the isolation that often comes with farming and hearing about what’s happening in the industry. It’ll be the hottest topic at the next braai so they have to keep up to date by reading the latest TropicalBytes articles.

Here are two of the latest endorsements, both received in Jan 2020:

“Just wanted to say thanks for the links to your magazine. I think it is quickly becoming the best Agric publication available. I really look forward to reading your articles. Do you have an archive online to read from Issue 1 again?” – One of the VERY best and most respected top farmers in the country, based in Amatikulu.

“Wow, your January 2020 edition is amazing. You have covered the cultivars in depth. I have shared the TropicalBytes website with others in the macadamia industry. There is so much still to learn and to share any knowledge we have with the other growers.Well done on a wonderful incentive!!!” – Entomology expert, Nelspruit.

There will only be 12 articles in 2021. And there will no more than 12 advertisers in any one edition.

All articles are well-researched and full of rich information from a diversity of sources. The aim: to deliver quality content that fulfills our purpose of  Equipping farmers for excellence and success by sharing knowledge and expertise. The advances in the industry are happening, not only on the farms, at a grass-roots level, but also on a more complex and strategic level, in the industry at large. We will expose the farmers to that, in a non-threatening, comprehensive way.

Other compelling reasons to advertise through TropicalBytes:

• Highly niche market of readers (macadamia and sugar cane farmers)
• Excellent brand association; TropicalBytes is loved, respected and trusted by the farmers. They have come to rely on the quality, reliable, accurate and relevant material which they use to discuss and implement in their own enterprises.
• Inexpensive and cost effective rates; the benefits of repeat advertising together with the cost-savings of annual packages compounds into smart ad-spend.
• Ongoing exposure; articles (with your ads) will be on the TropicalBytes platform forever so you will still be getting valuable exposure LONG after you’ve finished paying for it.

Please contact Debbie to book or address questions and queries – debbie@tropicalbytes.co.za

2021 standard block ad rate: R4895 per edition. Email debbie@tropicalbytes.co.za for bulk rates.

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