SugarBytes will become TropicalBytes on 18th June and thereafter bring you articles on a range of crops sustainable in our climate, starting with Macadamias.


Advertising in SugarBytes works! I know this because I get constant feedback from farmers about how much they enjoy reading the articles and implementing the advice – even if they don’t learn anything from a particular article, they thoroughly enjoy breaking the isolation that often comes with farming and hearing about what’s happening in the industry. It’ll be the hottest topic at the next braai so they have to keep up to date by reading the latest SugarBytes article.

The advert blocks run along the side of the article and link to your company webpage of choice.

Once-off, ad hoc placements are extremely affordable but you’ll save a lot of money by selecting one of the annual contracts: Full year package guarantees you a top spot (first come, first serve) in every article. Half year package gets you into every second edition at a much reduced rate.

More details are in the rate cards, available by clicking on the links below.

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